Your first visit

Orthodontics is not just about treating bite problems or straightening crooked teeth, it's about treating people with care. That’s why, at Fillman Orthodontics, our first step is to get to know you. We want to find out more about you as well as your concerns about your teeth and your expectations from orthodontic treatment. 

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Complimentary consultation

Complimentary consultation

Your first visit to our office here in Yucaipa is for a complimentary consultation with Dr Fillman. There is no obligation for you to proceed with treatment but it does give you a chance to learn more about what treatment will entail so you can make an informed decision. 

At your first appointment, Dr Fillman does a visual examination of your mouth and makes a preliminary diagnosis for your treatment. He will address all your concerns and answer your questions including whether or not you need treatment, what treatment options would be best for you, and how long your treatment is expected to last. 

At your first visit you will also meet Claudia, our Treatment Coordinator. After Dr Fillman has determined that braces are needed, Claudia will explain the wide variety of payment plans we offer. She can set up a financial plan that makes orthodontic treatment affordable for any budget. We accept most dental insurances. When you leave from your consultation appointment, you will know exactly what to expect. There are no hidden charges or fees. 

Dental records

If we believe you could benefit from orthodontic treatment, the next step is for Dr Fillman to review the necessary x-ray records which need to be taken to begin orthodontic treatment. These records confirm the doctor's diagnosis, treatment and documentation of the position of your teeth and profile when you start treatment. We will set up a convenient appointment time for you to have the x-rays taken. 

Fitting appointment

Fitting appointment

Once you have received your treatment plan and had your x-rays taken, you’re ready to start treatment. If you decide you’d like to embark on your journey to a beautiful straight smile, we can organise for your appliances to be custom-made and we’ll invite you back for your fitting appointment. This is when we will fit your appliance to your mouth, either braces or aligners, and give you all the instructions you need to look after your teeth while wearing braces. 

Want to start your journey to a beautifully straight smile? Book your free consultation with the friendly Fillman Orthodontics team today. 




Our team

  • Ruth

    Appointment Coordinator

    Hello, my name is Ruth and I am the one who answers the phone, makes your appointments and welcomes you to our office. I've been here for elevenyears now and really enjoy my work. Dr. Fillman is very talented and I've entrusted him with the smiles of my own children. I love my job and look forward to coming to work every day, meeting and getting to know our patients and parents.

    I was born in Africa and lived in Greece, Japan, and Belgium all because of my father's job. I am married with two kids and I love to walk and hike. I also have two dogs.


    Treatment Coordinator

    Hi, my name is Claudia. I have many years of office experience and am honored to be working with the team at Fillman Orthodontics. I am here for you from the very beginning, helping to start you on your path to a great smile. The best part of my job.... meeting each of you and getting to know so many really nice people.

    I have three grown daughters and fourbeautiful grandchildren. I was born in California, and other then a few years living in Arizona, I have been here my whole life. I love gardening and playing with my grandkids!


  • We love Dr. Fillman and his staff!
    They are the friendliest most cheerful group of people you will ever find! They have taken care of all four of my girls. Two of them are finished completely and the other two are in the process!
    Thanks again!
    Mahlana C
  • They provide excellent and knowledgeable service and care. The staff is kind and sensitive. Dr. Fillman personally takes care of his patients and communicates clearly every step of the treatment, showing the progress achieved and explaining the next steps. We love Fillman Orthodontics!
    Patricia H
  • I now have my 3rd child in braces with Dr. Fillman's office. We have only experienced the ighest quality care in treatment and professionalism. As a parent, I am confident that there is no ther place I would trust my children's teeth with than Dr. Fillman's Orthodontics. I look forward to knowing that my 4th child is in good hands
    Wendy B

Before and afters

Paula 18


Patient started treatment at age 11 and wore braces for 26 months. She loves her new smile


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