Invisalign fast treatment

Does the thought of having to wear braces for the next two years put you off treatment? We can understand why but before you swear off treatment altogether, it’s important to find out exactly what treatment you require. 

In many cases, patients only require minor orthodontic treatment where teeth can be straightened in as little as three months. What’s more, Invisalign does offers this fast treatment option so, over the course of the three months, no-one will notice you’re having treatment. 

Invisalign Express

What is Invisalign Express?

Invisalign Express is Invisalign’s fast treatment method, designed specifically for patients who only need corrections to the front six teeth. This could be due to a crooked tooth, spacing issues, or a patient may have noticed their teeth have started to slip back into their old position, despite having had orthodontic treatment previously. 

Invisalign Express

Benefits of Invisalign Express

Speed of treatment: The greatest benefit of Invisalign Express is the speed at which patients can see results. If all that is required is a minor correction to the front six teeth, then patients can see this in as little as three months. Some cases may take longer but generally results are achieved within three to six months. 

Discreet treatment: Another benefit of Invisalign Express is that the treatment method uses Invisalign aligners. These are so discreet that most people around you won’t even know you’re wearing them. 

Good for hygiene: Again, just like the Invisalign aligners, Invisalign Express aligners are removable, so you won’t have to worry about eating with the aligners or cleaning your teeth during treatment. Just take the aligners out, eat what you like and give your teeth a good clean afterwards.

See the difference Invisalign Express can make. 

Patient 1


This patient had some of the upper front teeth bite behind the lower front teeth; this is also called an anterior crossbite.

Before treatment
After treatment

Patient 2


Overbite and crowding, followed by restorative treatment to fix shape and discolorations.

Before treatment
After treatment

Invisalign Testimonials

Hear what some of our patients have said about their Invisalign treatment experience. 

  • I would not have gone the regular braces route because I am in a customer-facing position. I'm in the hi-tech industry, with a lot of people around me that are young and hip and moving and shaking. To be in management, in a hi-tech company with a mouthful of braces in front of customers and prospects and other executive partners, it just wasn't an option.
    Gina, Age 31, Analyst Relations
  • At my age, to have the big metal train tracks in your mouth, I just figured, in person with people, I just wouldn't feel as comfortable as I would with something that was truly invisible. I really believe in the product. I'm kind of a walking, talking billboard for it.
    William, Age 31, Investment Broker
  • I am absolutely, positively thrilled. The fact that I was done with it in less than a year, and really had no inconveniences whatsoever, makes me wonder why I even hesitated.
    Vivian, Age 53, Nurse


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